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     With our partnership with a large Korean instrument manufacturing factory, BURNT HILLS MUSIC can now provide HIGH-QUALITY VIOLINS, VIOLAS, CELLOS, and STRING BASSES, as well as ELECTRIC VIOLINS at  INCREDIBLE PRICES. 

     It’s because we eliminate the middleman. Great spruces, rosewoods, maples, and ebony, along with decades of craftsmanship provide a value unheard of before. BECAUSE WE BUY DIRECT.

     All WINDSONG STRINGS come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTEE. And you don’t have to go far for any service…because it’s OUR OWN BRAND. 

All Instruments
are School recommended brands.


    Please consider us as your supplier for SCHILLER and KNILLING violins too. Call us, or e-mail us for prices on these, and other fine brands.

  • How to rent a school band Violin,Viola,Cello
  • How to buy a Violin
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