We have full repair facilities from basic set-ups to complete overhauls of most instruments.

We do all sorts of fretted instrument repairs. Repair estimates are free.

We do orchestra instrument repairs, from simple clean-ups and change your strings, to fitting pegs, making bridges, repairing cracks, etc. As always, repair estimates are free. But, please, I cannot give an accurate estimate over the phone!

This is how we treat “sharp” frets! Remember, wooden instruments like to maintain humidity OVER 40% year round.

A “Grind and Polish”. We even out all the frets to get rid of “buzzing”, and get lower action.

We repair all woodwinds ¬†and brasswinds as well. Sometimes, we recommend alternatives to repair, as in the case of this sax. We figured, there was no way this one wouldn’t play “FLAT”!